Lee Xanthakos Biography

Lee Xanthakos

Pandelis (Lee) Xanthakos
Board Vice-Chair

Pandelis (Lee) N. Xanthakos is Vice President, Electric Transmission of Dominion Energy South Carolina. Lee began his career with South Carolina Electric & Gas in 1998 and transitioned to Dominion Energy South Carolina (DESC) in 2019.  His leadership roles have included Manager of System Control, Manager of Substation Operations, General Manager of Electric Transmission Operations and Planning, and Vice President of Electric Transmission.  Lee’s areas of responsibility include the DESC OATT, Transmission Planning, Operations Planning, System Control, Computer Support, ERO Compliance, and Electric Transmission Training.  Lee began his career as a NERC certified System Controller.

Lee is a past chair of the VACAR Executive Committee, and currently serves on the SERC Board as Vice-Chair.  In the past he has served on the SERC Board Executive Committee, Board Compliance Committee, served as Board Treasurer, and various other SERC working groups and teams.  He is DESC’s member representative to the North American Transmission Forum and chairs the Electrical Engineering Industry Advisory Board at the University of South Carolina. Lee is active in the AHEPA fraternal organization whose charitable efforts include student scholarships and underprivileged senior citizen housing.  He has been on the Midlands of SC American Heart Walk Executive Team, and he is currently on the United Way of the Midland Financial Stability Council and on the board of director for the Columbia Urban League. 

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Lee has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Master of Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration.

Lee is the son of Greek immigrants, speaks Greek fluently, and visits Europe often with his wife Jana, and his children, Nikolaos and Mia.