Jason Blake Biography


Mr. Blake is President and CEO for SERC and is passionate about SERC’s mission, which is to reduce risks and ensure a reliable, resilient, and secure electric grid across 16 southeastern and central states.  He leads with a commitment to operational excellence, innovation, continuous improvement, and deploying resources in an effective and efficient manner that adds value.

Prior to joining SERC, Mr. Blake spent almost nine years serving as the Vice President and General Counsel for SERC’s northern neighbor and sister region, ReliabilityFirst.  During that time, he helped lead RF through its start-up phase and into a sustainable risk-based organization focused on ensuring a reliable, resilient, and secure electric grid across the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions of the U.S.  Prior to this, Mr. Blake developed broad business and regulatory experience through his private practice with large, corporate law firms located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Blake is a graduate of the Ohio State University and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  He also served on the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association for the Cleveland Metropolitan Area and enjoys volunteering to coach his children’s sports teams.