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SERC has a delegation agreement to develop and recommend studies on resource adequacy risk. SERC RAWG performs studies to determine reliability metrics for resource planning and higher visibility of regional risk to the bulk power system. The SERC Probabilistic Assessment study highlights regional resource risk, the dependence on regional transfers, and overall SERC region resource adequacy. It supplements the Long Term Reliability Assessment study (LTRA). Additional studies may be performed with input from the SERC Engineering Committee (EC), Planning and Coordination Subcommittee (PLCS), and Reliability Risk Working Group (RRWG). This committee supports SERC’s mission and vision by projecting resource adequacy risk, and driving planning efforts to reduce risk. RAWG reports to the SERC Reliability Review Subcommittee (RRS). For a detailed list of Roles and Responsibilities of the RAWG, please refer to the RAWG Scope document.


  • Wyatt Ellertson

Primary SERC Staff

  • Anaisha Jaykumar
    Reliability Engineer