COVID-19 Resources


Beginning June 1, SERC employees are expected to work from the office 1 day/week, then 2 days/week beginning June 14 and 3 days/week beginning July 12. There is still no travel planned at this time


SERC Infectious Disease Control Policy
SERC Specific Q&As under General Category  
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2/10/2021:  COVID-19 Update
6/25/2020:  COVID-19 Update
6/15/2020:  COVID-19 Update
6/2/2020:    NERC Guidance: Self-Logging Program Expansion 
5/14/2020: COVID-19 Update
4/20/2020:  COVID-19 Update 
4/17/2020:  COVID-19 Update   
4/7/2020:    COVID-19 Update   
4/3/2020:    Reliability Assurance Message / Q&A 
3/31/2020:  COVID-19 Impact Webinar Presentation 
3/31/2020:  SERC Response to NERC Alert 
3/26/2020:  COVID-19 Update   
3/23/2020:  SERC Working Remotely through April 
3/20/2020:  Regulatory Discretion Due to COVID-19 
3/17/2020:  SERC Statement on COVID-19   
3/16/2020:  SERC & NERC Response to COVID-19  

NERC / FERC / Industry

3/18/2020:  FERC-NERC COVID-19 Guidance 
4/17/2020:  FERC Grants Implementation 
                   Deferment of Standards
5/29/2020: NERC Guidance on Expansion of 
                  Self-Logging Program


CMEP One-Stop-Shop with COVID-19 FAQs  
5/13/2020:  Resource to Help Organizations 
                   Update Pandemic Response Plans
4/23/2020:  Pandemic Preparedness and 
                   Operational Assessment: Spring 2020
4/6/2020:    Motion Filed to Defer Implementation
                   of Seven Standards
4/3/2020:    FERC-NERC COVID-19 Guidance FAQs   
3/25/2020:  E-ISAC Operations Summary  
3/20/2020:  NERC Alert Response  
3/11/2020:  NERC COVID Impact Prevention Steps 

FERC Coronavirus Response
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6/2020:  DOE, FERC, NERC, NATF: Epidemic/Pandemic Response Plan Resource
6/2020:  ESCC Resource Guide: Assessing and Mitigating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
5/2020:  FEMA: COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season
4/2020:  FEMA Advisory-Supply Chain Stabilization  
4/2020:  ESCC-Ensuring Reliability Through COVID-19
2/2020:  EEI-Electric Companies & Pandemic Planning   
1/2020:  WAPA 2020 Pandemic Response Plan-Redacted