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The Q&A process provides answers to questions asked by entities registered within the SERC Region. The answers provided are based on opinions of SERC staff and do not necessarily represent SERC’s position. While SERC staff provides answers in good faith, the answers are not an official SERC interpretation and shall not be binding on decisions of SERC. The information provided herein is intended to provide guidance to the industry and is not intended to establish new requirements under the NERC Reliability Standards or to modify the requirements in any existing NERC Reliability Standards. Actions based on this information shall have no standing for the purpose of contesting or mitigating any findings of noncompliance by SERC. Compliance will continue to be determined based on language in the NERC Reliability Standards as they may be amended from time to time. 

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When your question is submitted, it will be entered into the Q&A process and assigned to a SERC subject matter expert. A response will be sent to you as quickly as possible. At that time, if appropriate, the question and response will be posted to the Q&A and Lessons Learned page of the SERC website where others may also benefit from the information. Of course, no reference to you or your company will be included.