All bulk power system owners, operators, and users that meet criteria defined in the Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria found in Appendix 5B of the NERC Rules of Procedure are required to register with NERC. The process for registration is described in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure. The NERC Compliance Registry (NCR) lists all registered entities that are subject to compliance with approved Reliability Standards. The current NCR is posted on the NERC website


2021 Annual Registration Confirmation

The Annual Registration Confirmation will resume in 2021. If you have any questions, please send them to



The Centralized Organization Registration ERO System (CORES) was established to provide consistency and alignment across the ERO for registration activities. CORES is the platform that will allow the entity to manage their registration information, contact information, and functional relationships from one application.

CORES is accessed through the ERO Portal. Information on the CORES project, application functionality and training, and ERO Portal registration is available on the NERC website at the links below:

NOTE:  Prior to the full implementation of the NERC Align Project, Compliance contact information (i.e., Primary Compliance Contact, Alternate Compliance Contact and Primary Compliance Officer) should be updated using the Compliance Contact Change Form and submitted with a Subject line of Contact Change to


The Registration Process

Until CORES is fully implemented in conjunction with the NERC Align Project and to assist entities in the transition, initial Registrations and Registration changes may be submitted using the Registration Form and the GO/GOP Asset Verification Form, if applicable. Click the form’s link (here and under Quick Links below), and then click Open > View > Edit Document. Completed forms may be submitted to

To change or revise your organization’s registration:

  • If your organization is already registered in the SERC Region, to change or revise your registration, send an email to with a subject line of:  Change Registration.  Attach the completed Registration Form with the changes noted in the Reason for Request section and attach the GO/GOP Asset Verification Form, if applicable.
  • If your organization is registered in more than one Region, please update your registration with all the Regions you are registered in as appropriate.

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